Some of My Projects

Pick It Up or Ship It Out

Mongo, Express, React, Node.js - github

Pick Up or Ship Out

A quick price comparison app to determine if you should go to Walmart or order your product through eBay or Amazon.


Node.js, Express, MySQL (Sequelize), Handlebars.js - github

Pick Up or Ship Out

A To-Do/Lists app with login via Passport.

Where Should I Eat (no live site)

Bootstrap, jQuery, Firebase, Google Maps API - github

Pick Up or Ship Out

A "just tell me what to eat" app based on the food types you desire. Save resuraunts you're interested in- synced with Firebase.

Friend Finder

Node.js, Express, jQuery, Bootstrap - github

A friend-finding app that returns the name and a picture of your closest match.

Constructor Hangman

Node.js - github

A Node.js CLI game of hangman.


Node.js, Spotify API, Twitter API, OMDB API - github

A Node.js CLI for checking recent tweets, searching for songs and looking up movies.